Since the establishment of the institute, we have been operating only for junior students for 365 days. We are a 24-hour boarding school where you can quickly attend to accidents that may suddenly occur and improve your inconveniences while living in the school.

               Improvement of study habit                  by well-regulated life


Students get up, do a simple exercise, and start the day. Every day except Saturday and Sunday morning, I write English diary and take math class. Students who have completed their day's work may have free time, but those who have not yet finished their work must finish it. That way they learn to develop regular study habits.



 With man to man class, teachers can fully concentrate on teaching students and also the students can attend a class confidently instead of being intimidated. Students can maximize the effectivity of studying English in a short period by having a class with the appropriate textbook for each individual’s level.

Improvement of presentation skills through speech contest

 Once a month during camp season, students deliver a speech in front of all the teachers and students so that they can express what they have learned. And through this, students can improve their confidence. Students can check how they are improving and they can also check how their pronunciation delivers to others.




 Every Friday afternoon we conduct systematic tests based on the contents of one-week training. Based on the results of the tests, students are assessed of their current English language skills and improvement. Students are encouraged to study English more systematically by adjusting individual teaching methods and textbooks.

International school schooling



You can experience international school life just like a full-time student at West Field International School. (Confirmations regarding school activities are not issued in schools.)



A 24-hour security guard system is up and running. There are 27 CCTVs inside and outside the premises, in addition to the campus guards roaming day and night and strictly controlling access from the outside.

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