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English is not a second language but a native language

  • We can invest our time in other subjects after mastering English in elementary. It is possible to study abroad  anytime in elementary.

Learning American English nearby at a low cost

  • The Philippines is an Asian country which is less than 4 hours away from Korea but follows the American education curriculum.

  • Here, you can improve your English by having one-on-one class with a lower cost than other English speaking countries.

Not cramming education but participatory education

  • Improve self-studying skills and self-confidence by project and a school experience that is presentation centered rather than examination centered.

  • Develop one’s attitude to participate in the class by answering all the questions.

  • Students who have poor English skills are able to develop by having after-school classes as well.

  • No need to pay expensive cost for an advanced education.


Choosing to study abroad

  • For the students who are having hard time with the their country educational system.

  • For the parents who are not able to take care of their child because of double-income family, single parent families and etc.

  • For the students who want to learn English not necessarily just for university or job but to dream of their future abroad.


The Basic Curriculum

  • 6 years of elementary + 4 years of high school -> 6 years of elementary + 6years of high school;  the system has changed to total 12 years.

  • Private school: paid education which uses English except for the Filipino classes.

  • International school: for the foreigners living in the Philippines and uses English in all class.

The Semester System

  • In Baguio, for both public and private schools, the school year starts in August with the summer vacation from May to July. 

  • In Clark, for both public and private schools, the school year starts in June with the summer vacation from March to May.

  • In both Baguio and Clark, for international schools, the school year begins in August with the summer vacation from June to July.  

Preparation for entering school

  • Students who have studied abroad or have an intermediate level in English: after studying ESL for two to three months, they sit in the class. After that, they enter the school.

  • Students who haven't studied abroad or have a beginning level in English: After studying ESL for three to six months, they sit in the class. After that, they enter the class.


Period for transferring school

Most of the schools in The Philippines work on a quarter semester basis. It should be known that The Philippines' school semester starts late, so all the required information should be prepared as per individual school's requirements. 

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