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  1. You or your guardian is responsible for any incidents caused by your carelessness during the entire course. 

  2. If you do not participate in the class 10 minutes after the class starts, the class will be canceled.

  3. Unauthorized absences, cheating during exams, property damage, improper behavior during outdoor activities, ignoring        teachers, and going out without permission during class are strictly not allowed and may cause suspension.  If you move to  another dorm and fail to follow the manager's instructions, you will be expelled for three (3) misdemeanors.

  4. If a minor student is caught drinking or smoking, he or she will be expelled from the institution.

  5. Purchasing items or products that may cause harm to others, such as sharp things or contain poisonous ingredients, is  prohibited. If any accidents occurred while using the item(s), the guardian is responsible for any cause.

  6. A minor student or a person who doesn’t have a driver's license is prohibited to drive a car, motorcycle, or other means of  vehicles. If any bad event might happen, you will shoulder all costs and responsibilities.

  7. Issues inside the academy, such as student-fights, entering rooms without permission, dating, and bullying will face sanctions or the worst case is dismissal.

  8. While living in the Philippines, the student is responsible for any problems that arise due to compliance with the Philippine laws and failure to do so. 

  9. In case of losing any personal belongings due to carelessness, the management has no liabilities. Note: Valuables that are kept safe in the office, the management has full responsibilities to them.

  10. All homework given during class must be performed, and if it is not done properly, the class progress may be delayed.

  11. Staying in another room without any permission from the management other than your own room is strictly prohibited. If you are caught, expulsion might be imposed.

  12. You are not allowed to speak your mother tongue during classes, you must use only English. 

  13. If you lose or damage any goods or properties of the academy for any reason, you must compensate for the value of the specified goods.

  14. All meals are only available in the cafeteria (except when reported to the office for special reasons).

  15. Students are responsible for all service charges when sending money overseas.

  16. Upon arrival at the academy, you cannot postpone or change the class for personal reasons.

  17. If a student has a mental or physical disability, make sure to inform the academy in advance before the course starts and the management will keep it confidential. If you fail to do so, the student may face dismissal.

  18. If a student needs a sick leave, the training period may be changed within one year if a medical certificate from a specialist is submitted. (the same room and teachers may not be assigned.)

  19. Incidents due to natural disasters, unexpected events, delays and cancellations of aviation, or the above force majeure, services will be provided. If not so, the academy or its representative shall not be liable for damages or any legal liability.

  20. In the Philippines, holidays may be announced unexpectedly, cancellation of classes may be subject due to national holidays in the said country.

  21. Informing your parents in advance about all the problems at the academy and moving to another academy or leaving the academy before returning home may cause sanctions. NOTE: The academy doesn’t create or want to be involved in any criminal or civil legal problems in Korea or in the Philippines.

  22. The academy is not responsible for any loss of life, damage, or damage caused by actions taken without prior permission from the institution.

  23. For all accidents, losses, and diseases (endemic diseases) that occurred inside and outside the academy (when going out and traveling), when study abroad , it can only be guaranteed within the limit of international student insurance and traveler's insurance coverage, and additional compensation is not provided on the academy side.

  24. Academies may change their prices in the event of government legal provisions such as exchange rates and tax increases or reasons that the academy cannot control.. You have the authority to change or choose classes and programs when you think you need to improve a certain area.

  25. Our school is not responsible for events, accidents, and diseases caused by age, chronic diseases, and allergies your allergic to chronic diseases.  People with chronic diseases and allergies should be diagnosed by a doctor in advance, follow the doctor's judgment, and inform the academy in advance of the doctor's diagnosis of chronic diseases and allergies. If you don’t notice to academy, who can reject your admission.

  26. We have been informed of the local costs and agree to pay the local costs at the academy.


* Cancellation and Refund of Training Regulations


1. Before the course starts: 


- A full refund of tuition fee excluding registration fee will be made to any student who cancels their registration
  if you notice 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the course.

- A refund will be made if you notice within 2 weeks excluding registration and training fees for the first 4



2. During the course:


- No refunds will be administered for a 4-week course or less.

- If you request a refund within the first week of the training, 50% of the tuition will be refunded

  ex cluding the first 4 week of the course.

- If you request a refund after 1 week of training, 50% of the tuition will be refunded excluding the

  first 8 weeks of the course.

- If the training period is over a week, no funds will be refunded. (Unconsumed electricity and utility

  may be refunded) 


3. Other Refund Regulations


- Due to health problems, the training period can be postponed to less than one year at the time of  
  discharge (Please provide a doctor's certificate)

   NOTE: If you wish not to continue the course, 50% of the tuition fee will be refunded excluding the  
              first 8 week of the training fee.

- Course may be postponed within a year due to the death of immediate family members only. 
  (A death certificate must be submitted).

   NOTE: If you wish not to continue the course, 50% of the tuition fee will be refunded excluding the   
              first 8 week of the training fee.


4. Change of training program


- You may apply for additional classes, but you cannot change the training program.


5. Non-refundable


- leaving school

- Due to local maladjustment.

- Due to a minor disease or allergy that can be treated.


6. Refund procedure


- Refunds will be processed after familiarization with the details and within a month of completion. 

- Fees that are charged for overseas remittance will be deducted. 

- Refund of tuition fee will be made through the registered company and will be deposited to the

  account you requested.


* Regulations on COVID-19 before departure


In case of inability to leave the country due to COVID-19 confirmation, please submit a COVID-19 positive result.

- Training schedule can be changed.

- If you request a cancellation or refund, follow the language school training cancellation and refund


* If the training cannot be carried out due to disasters, calamities etc. 

- If the training is possible under the agreement with the local government of the Philippines, the 
  training shall be continued.  If the student wishes to cancel the training, follow the language school  
  training cancellation and refund regulations.

- If the academy cannot be operated due to pandemic, a full refund will be processed for the remain
  ing period.

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